Bttr Designs

Designing and building a website for a graphic artist.
The client Bttr Gfx was growing rapidly and steadily gaining work, and yet they didn't have a website for their business which isn't a great look for such a skilled professional.
They had just landed some big clients, and were expanding into new markets which made it the perfect time to build a website to showcase their work.
They were also interested in the capabilites of SEO and digital marketing outside of social media, which is where their focus was.

Graphic Design

Cover Art

Branding & Logo


Website Design & Development
For this project we had both a clear vision for what the client wanted, and the vast majority of the assets prepared before hand, designed by the artist themselves.
After finalzing the plan and collecting all assets we built a creative, modern website that captured the essence of the business and represented the artist's work and design approach.
Search Engine Optimization
We created a strategy focusing on local ranking first, and then moving on to broader and general keywords.
Since SEO results on a new website take time to start showing our first step was to create a plan to follow in order to stay track on our goals.
We selected a small number of high volume, low KD keywords and began to build content around them. Since the website doesn't have a lot of copywriting we focused on increasing Domain Authority
Copy Writing & SEO Strategy
Wireframe Designs
Website Development
Booking Integration
Mobile Responsiveness
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