Designing and building a website for a Boxing Studio.
Tackling this web design project involved addressing a few issues. The first problem revolved around being able to generate new leads, as well as establishing a digital brand presence and credibility.

Also, the client faced difficulties in collecting meaningful analytical data, which would make it difficult to make informed decisions.

The solution demanded a website, as well as intuitive design strategies, targeted content optimization, and integration of analytical tools to transform the online presence into a dynamic platform that not only attracts but also engages potential clients while instilling trust and credibility in the brand.

What We Did
UX Research
Web Design & Development
SEO Strategy
Website Design & Development
The client emphasized they wanted a simple website and a design that easily allowed visitors to book sessions.
With that in mind we designed a few Wire-frames based on existing assets and branding then presented them to the client. Once the minutiae of the design were hammered down we built it out, integrated the booking feature, chat-bot and a secure checkout page.
Search Engine Optimization
We created a strategy focusing on local ranking first, and then moving on to broader and general keywords.
The Keyword strategy for this website was fairly simple, and for the most part involved optimizing the website for a few higher KD keywords for now. Instead we focused on increasing the websites domain authority so that when the client is ready to move on to the next phase, we have a foundation to work with.
Content Creation
In conjunction with the client and a photographer, we regularly update the websites gallery.
The main updates to be made on the website are the images in the gallery section. In addition to that we created a Pillar Page and Cluster topic strategy around relevant keywords in order to create information pages. The plan is to curate and optimize those pages until they produce high ranking SERP features.
Copy Writing & SEO Strategy
Wireframe Designs
Website Development
Booking Integration
Chat-Bot Integration
Ecommerce and Checkout Features
Mobile Responsiveness
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